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Sealed bid auction TOYOTA HI-ACE M21 14Seats

Transmission:        Manual                           Fuel:  Gasoline Mileage:      144,000 Km                            Year:  2011 Color:                   White Price:           TO BE SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER Technical specifications Vehicle condition: excellent condition (Regular service checks made by Toyota dealer) The vehicle is fully paid (taxes and customs) Non-diplomatic persons and Egyptians are allowed to submit bid for this vehicle.

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: RFQ/HCR/ALX/SUP/2019/037 for supply of UNHCR contact information card

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: RFQ/HCR/ALX/SUP/2020/001 for supply of mineral water

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: RFQ/HCR/ALX/SUP/2019/035 for supply of stationery

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: RFQ/HCR/ALX/SUP/2019/031 for supply tablets

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: RFQ/HCR/ALX/SUP/2019/025 for supply paper bags

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: RFQ/HCR/ALX/SUP/2019/030 for supply toys

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: RFQ/HCR/ALX/SUP/2019/027 for supply Toner HP laser-jet

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: RFQ/HCR/ALX/SUP/2019/028 for supply stationery

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: RFQ/HCR/ALX/SUP/2019/029 for supply Cabinet

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