Request for Quotation for Conducting Health Access and Utilization Survey to Refugees in Egypt

The office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) would appreciate to receive a quotation from your company for the provision of the following service “ Health Access and Utilization Survey for Refugee Households in Egypt ” (HAUS). Hereunder are the details of the requested service:

  • The HAUS is a phone survey that will be conducted once through phone calls for some  1,200 refugee households from all nationalities  (Syrians, African, Yemeni, Iraqi)   and it encompasses around 70 close-ended questions addressing the access of refugees to key health services in Egypt such as reproductive health, immunization, chronic disease management, etc as well as assessing the refugee level of knowledge about the health services available to them.
  • The survey will be in the languages that refugees speak, namely: Arabic, English, Somali, Tigrinya, Amharic, Oromo. Accordingly, interpreters will be required for non-Arabic speakers.
  • The survey encompasses around 70 close-ended questions about each of the household members. It takes around 25- 30 minutes on average  for completion. However, the exact length depends on the size of households.
  • UNHCR will provide a database with the phone numbers of at least 2,500 refugee households to account for the non-response rate  (no answer, refusal to participate, etc.). A supplementary sample will be provided if the target of 1,200 households participating in the survey is not achieved.
  • Mobile Data collection will be used for data collection and will be done on an Open Data Kit system (ODK). Open Data Kit (ODK)  is an open-source software for collecting, managing and using data. ODK-Collect is an Android open source app for data collection. It is downloaded on Android hand-held devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.…) , and the HAUS electronic questionnaire that is hosted on Kobo platform is uploaded on the ODK. This allows for mobile data collection.  UNHCR will provide the selected provider with the URL, User name and passwords that will enable the service provider to upload the electronic HAUS questionnaire. Once data collection is finished the data files can be exported from ODK in the form of an Excel sheet.  Below is an illustration of how ODK -collect work:
  • The original  data set will be presented to UNHCR on an excel sheet.
  • The service provider is requested to undertake simple descriptive data analysis using Excel and to provide a summary report of finding in the same format as the sample report attached.
  • UNHCR should be able to access the call log for any data verification  if needed.
  • UNHCR should be able to review evidence for quality assurance of survey phone calls.
  • UNHCR will provide a script with 70 questions in Arabic and English  as well as a full survey guiding manual and enumerator training.
  • A data confidentiality agreement  is  to be signed prior to receiving the sample.
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