RFP001/2020 Public advocacy production

UNHCR Representation in Egypt would like to invite you to submit a proposal for the provision of creative and production services for public advocacy, engagement for UNHCR Private Sector Partnership in the MENA region.

The tender notice, the terms of reference and other documents can be found in the attachment.

UNHCR would like to announce that the RFP 1/2020 is RE-ADVERTISED with a new closing date on 31 December 2020, 23:59 EST.

All bids must be submitted by e-mail to ARECATEN@unhcr.org – EXCLUSIVELY – and STRICTLY according to the bid-submission method described in the tender notice, section 2.6 Submission of Bid.

Links to external file sharing websites are not accepted. Acceptable size of attachment(s) in a single e-mail are limited to a total of 20 MB/e-mail.

UNHCR would also like to invite you to read the tender notice and Annex A carefully prior to bid-submission. If you have participated in the RFP 1/2020 – you may consider re-submitting the same or a revised offer.

Questions sent by e-mail to LUKOVICA@unhcr.org are accepted until 23:59 EST on 21 December 2020. UNHCR will share answers to all questions received by e-mail shortly afterwards.

A pre-bid meeting will be organized over Zoom on 23 December 2020 at 10 AM to clarify the bid-submission and evaluation process if at least 2 expressions of interest to participate are received by 21 December 2020. The meeting details will be shared by e-mail.

UNHCR looks forward to your participation in this tender.

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