REQUEST FOR QUOTATION for upgrading and existing communal kitchen within National Council of Women (NCW) premises No. CAI/RFQ/027/2019- DEADLINE EXTENDED until 25/07/2019

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Egypt, requests your price quotation for some complementary items for the upgraded and existing communal kitchen within National Council of Women (NCW) premises (all inclusive).

UNHCR in coordination with a public and private sector partner (National Council for Women (NCW), and an Egyptian start-up for home-made food; Mumm) have set up a professional kitchen inside the premises of the NCW Giza Branch in Haram Street. The kitchen aims engaging Egyptian and Refugee women in catering services through a business model that is based on a partnership between NCW and a private sector enterprise. It also will empower Egyptian and refugee women by training them on food processing activities. 

The kitchen is located inside one of National Council of Women (NCW) premises. Through the assessment of NCW and the currently operating company under the NCW supervision, some items were identified as needed to have the kitchen better prepared for operating as a community and training one.

IMPORTANT: The required services are detailed in Annex A of this document.

The successful bidders will be requested to maintain their quoted price model for the duration of the implementation of the project.

  • Description: Upgrading and existing communal kitchen
  • Delivery point (DDP incoterms): National Council of Women (NCW) premises – Cairo.

Find attached in Annex A more information about the scope of works proposed system model and room conditions with pictures and in Annex B the financial form to submit your financial offer.

Please include the following price information in your quote (VAT to be indicated separately):

  • Currency: EGP or USD (offer should be submitted in a single currency)
  • Delivery Costs): if additional please specify
  • Additional charge, if any (please specify)
  • Total Cost for services (all inclusive): VAT to be indicated separately
  • SITE / SURVEY VISIT (highly recommended)

UNHCR invites all interested bidders to participate in a survey/site visit (participation is recommended).

                                    Date: 11 July 2019

                                    Time:11:00 am

                                    Venue: National Council of Women (NCW) premises

Interested bidders in participating to this survey/site visit will need to send an email with the list of participant’s prior to the date of the bid conference to: Mr Ahmed Dahab e-mail to copying Mr. Pablo Larrosa

2.   RFQ Submission by email         

We would appreciate receiving your quotation with all the relevant documentation of the items provided by e-mail in PDF format to Mr Ahmed Dahab Cc Mr. Pablo Larrosa at Before 25/07/2019 – 16:00 hrs. Cairo local time.

DEADLINE EXTENDED until 25/07/2019

Please be aware of the fact that the e-mail policy employed by UNHCR limits the size of attachments to a maximum of 7 Mb so it may be necessary to send more than one e-mail for the whole submission.

Your quotation must be valid as least for 60 days. The standard payment terms of UNHCR is net 30 days upon satisfactory delivery of goods or services and acceptance thereof by UNHCR.

Together with your quotation it is requested to submit:

  1. Profile/ brochure of the company with two (2) projects references within 2019.
  2. Expected completion time in weeks to be included it in Annex C
  3. All the relevant list of the equipment to be supply as per Annex A.

The award will be done to on the basics of lowest priced offer passing the technical criteria stated in Annex A and sample submission.

Please find attached:

ANNEX A: Proposed Scope of Works, item and pictures

ANNEX B: Financial Form – please provide your quote based on the Annex A

ANNEX C UNHCR vendor form

ANNEX D: General terms and conditions of contracts for Civil Works – 2000

ANNEX E: General terms and conditions of contracts- 2018

Submitting your quotation for this RFQ will be considered as acknowledgement/agreement for the general terms and conditions mentioned in Annex D and E, which applies for all UNHCR procurement. Thank you for your kind attention

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