ITB009/2020 – Stationary

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Egypt, requests your price quotation Invitation for Bidding FOR establishment of frame agreement for the provision of SUPPLYING STATIONARY ITEMS TO UNHCR EGYPT (all inclusive).

IMPORTANT: The required services are detailed in Annex A of this document.

  • Estimated Quantity: as per Purchase Order place by UNHCR.

Find attached in Annex A- list of required stationery items – Technical specifications more we will appreciate your submission your financial offer.

Please include the following price information in your quote (VAT to be indicated separately):

  • Currency: EGP
  • Delivery Costs: if additional please specify
  • Additional charge, if any (please specify in your financial offer)
  • Total Cost for services (all inclusive): VAT to be indicated separately

2. RFQ Submission by email

We would appreciate receiving your quotation with all the relevant documentation of the items provided by e-mail in PDF format to   before  07/112020 – 23:59 hrs. Cairo local time.

Please be aware of the fact that the e-mail policy employed by UNHCR limits the size of attachments to a maximum of 7 Mb so it may be necessary to send more than one e-mail for the whole submission.

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