21 KBAnnex B – RFQ 003-2018 UNHCR Alexandria transportation Amended 29May2018 99 KBMinutes of Bid Conference Meeting – FinalDATE: 15/05/2018??REQUEST FOR QUOTATION FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A FRAME AGREEMENT FOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES FOR UNHCR STAFF in ALEXANDRIA

No. CAI/RFQ/008/2018??QUOTATIONS TO BE RECEIVED BY: 07/06/2018 Alexandria local time

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Egypt, requests your price quotation for the Establishment of a Frame Agreement for the provision of transportation services for UNHCR in Alexandria.

IMPORTANT: The required services are detailed in Annex A of this document.

UNHCR may award Frame Agreement with duration of 2 (two) years only. The successful bidders will be requested to mainAnnex B1_RFQ0082018_Technical Offer Formtain their quoted price model for the duration of the Frame Agreement.

Other United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programs shall be entitled to the same prices and terms as those contained in the offers of the successful bidders and could form the basis for a Frame Agreement with other UN Agencies

  • Description: Transportation Services
  • Estimated Quantity: as per Purchase Order place by UNHCR.
  • Delivery point (DDP incoterms): UNHCR Office in Alexandria

Find attached in Annex A more information about the services required (TOrs).and ??in Annex B the financial form to submit your financial offer.

Please include the following price information in your quote (VAT to be indicated separately):

  • Currency: EGP or USD (offer should be submitted in a single currency)
  • Unit Cost: DDP UNHCR Alexandria Office
  • Delivery Costs: if additional please specify
  • Additional charge, if any (please specify)
  • Total Cost for services (all inclusive): VAT to be indicated separately
  1. RFQ Submission by email?? ?? ?? ??

We would appreciate receiving your quotation with all the relevant documentation of the items provided by e-mail in PDF format to Ms, Marihame Hanna Cc Mr. Pablo Larrosa at before 07/06/2018 ??? 16:00 hrs ??Alexandria local time.

Please be aware of the fact that the e-mail policy employed by UNHCR limits the size of attachments to a maximum of 7 Mb so it may be necessary to send more than one e-mail for the whole submission.

Please indicate in the e-mail subject field:

  • CAI/RFQ/008/2018 for transportation + Name of your Company
  • Number of e-mails that are sent (example: 1/2, 2/2)


UNHCR invites all interested bidders to participate in a bidder conference (participation is recommended).

Date: 24 May 2018

Time: 10:30 am

Venue: UNHCR Alexandria Office.

UNHCR will compile the questions received and will respond to all bidders participating in this request of quotation (RFQ), shortly after the query deadline.

Interested bidders to participate in this conference will need to send an email to Ms, Marihame Hanna Cc Mr Diyaeldien Elsaies

Your quotation must be valid as least for 60 days. The standard payment terms of UNHCR is net 30 days upon satisfactory delivery of goods or services and acceptance thereof by UNHCR.

The award will be done to on the basics of lowest priced offer passing the technical criteria stated in Annex A.

RFQ 008-2018 UNHCR Alexandria transportation Services FA (1) Annex A_TOR_ Transportation Services combined 14052018 Annex B – RFQ 003-2018 UNHCR Alexandria transportation Services FA (1) Annex C UNHCR General Terms and Conditions of contract Annex D UNHCR_Vendor Regitration FormQuestions and answers RFP 008 Custom Clearance 270518

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