CCTV Installation and Upgrade | UNHCR Egypt

Based on the approved security risk mitigating measures adopted by the UN Security Management System (UNSMS) in Egypt – in which UNHCR is an active participant, the installation of a closed-circuit television (CCTV) or video surveillance system is required for UN office premises to provide detection, deterrence and incident response capabilities. Specifically for UNHCR Egypt, the presence and implementation of the CCTV system not only supports the Organization’s duty of care to UNHCR personnel and persons of concern, but also enhances the capacity to provide
documentation support to assist in facilitating investigation, audit and other fact-finding activities especially those related to integrity issues, safety and security incidents, asset losses and other adverse events that may have potential reputational impact to UNHCR.
Based on this rationale, UNHCR Egypt intends to engage the services of reputable companies duly registered and licensed to operate in Egypt to install and maintain an integrated CCTV system for its office premises in Egypt.

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