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General Terms and Conditions

?? UNHCR/M.Somji The general conditions have been crafted in order to ensure that United Nations contracts maintain uniform provisions relating to the status and the privileges and immunities of the organization, and its mode of operations as an international inter-governmental organization. The general conditions are thus an essential element of UNHCR contracts and in the vast majority of cases the organization will not agree to modifications to, or omissions from, the general conditions. Goods and Services Goods Services De Minimis Field Contracts

IP Procurement Guidelines

?? UNHCR/H.Caux Implementing PartnerProcurement Guidelines UNHCR’s policy is to limit purchasing by Implementing Partners (IPs) to only those occasions when the IP has a clear proven advantage, such as awareness of local conditions or specific technical expertise. IPs wishing to procure on behalf of UNHCR should read the IP Procurement Guidelines (November 2014,English) first in their entirety. IPs can conduct procurement on behalf of UNHCR under either of the following conditions: Strict adherence to the UNHCR Procurement Guidelines for Implementing Partners through the signing of a Sub-Agreement Pre-qualification on the basis of their own IP procurement procedures submitted for evaluation by UNHCR Evaluation of the IP procurement policy and procedures […]

How to Become a Supplier

?? UNHCR/D.Seneviratne How Suppliers Can Apply for Registration Those who want to apply for registration as a potential supplier to UNHCR Egypt, should fill out Annex C??of the UNHCR Vendor Registration Form (Rev. February 2010) and submit it to UNHCR Cairo ??? Supply Unit ( together with the other required documents. The complete set of documents required for Vendor Registration are listed below:   Vendor Registration Form duly completed and signed Signed and stamped General Terms and Conditions which will apply to all future purchases from your company Scanned copy of Company Registration Documents Scanned copy of Company Tax Card Scanned copy of Financial statements/Audit reports (preferable) Scanned copy of […]

Doing Business with UNHCR

Doing Business ?? UNHCR/A.Branthwaite Doing Business with UNHCR     In trying to help and protect some of the world’s most vulnerable people in so many different places and types of environment, UNHCR must purchase goods and services worldwide. UNHCR Egypt is also tasked with the purchasing of different items which might range from blankets, office supplies, office furniture and ICT equipment as needed. UNHCR Egypt also buys different services related to construction and transportation needs. The files available on this website are intended to help you learn how to do business with UNHCR and to access the list of our current Request for Bids and Proposals. A Guide to […]

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